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Exercise Physiology at Empower 

An exercise physiologist is the allied health profession who is best trained to prescribe exercise plans to help manage and treat injury, pain and chronic health conditions.   


The Exercise Physiologists at Empower Exercise Physiology and Health are experts at assessing, planning and delivering individualised programs that are effective at helping you achieve the outcomes you desire.   

Exercise and movement are powerful ingredients that can be used for the betterment of health, function and vitality. We aim to provide this service in a safe, caring and non-threatening manner. 

Exercise Physiology  

Our experienced team of exercise physiologists are experts at prescribing individualised programs to suit a range of conditions

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What can you expect FROM your first consultation with an Exercise Physiologist?

We strive to provide an experience that allows you to walk away from your initial meeting feeling inspired and empowered to engage in your exercise plan.


We will discuss your health history and current health concerns


We perform a thorough assessment to determine what is most important to focus on


We will develop an individualised plan, including frequency of consultation and timeframes


We commence the delivery of your program with instruction and resources to take away from your first session

How will your plan work from here?

Each person we work with will have a different story. As such, we endeavour to provide an individualised plan that is suitable to you, your level of experience and in consideration of what resources you have access to. After assessment, your practitioner will recommend a plan that may involve the following: 

One-on-one consultations

Personalized exercise sessions conducted with an Exercise Physiologist. These sessions allow for individual assessment, instruction and supervision of exercise, education regarding important aspects of self-management, planning and progressing your exercise plan.    

Group Classes

Exercise sessions performed in a group environment, following a personalized program. Classes are limited to 4 people only to ensure appropriate attention and guidance can be delivered for all participants. 

More information on Group Classes

self-directed Programs 

Following assessment, planning and instruction, you can become far more able to carry out an exercise plan unsupervised. We work with you to construct a program that can be performed in the environment of your choosing (home-based, outdoors or gym-based) and in consideration of the recourses you have access to.   

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