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Exercise Physiology

An Exercise Physiologist is the professional who will prescribe the right exercise for you and your current state of health and fitness.

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Online Telehealth Consultations

Online Telehealth consultations allow you to consult with an exercise physiologist from home. Effective, safe and convenient.   


Exercise and movement are key ingredients to helping people reach their goals. We love working with participants of the NDIS to improve their abiliy.


Workcover and CTP

Exercise is an essential component of rebuilding capacity and confidence following injury. We are approved by SIRA NSW to provide exercise physiology treatment to injured people under workcover and CTP schemes.

DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs

Service can take a told on the health of the veteran community. An exercise physiologist can work with veterans who are supported under the white and gold card schemes. 

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Injury Rehabilitation

The body needs exercise following injury and surgery. The benefits of exercise include regaining lost strength, increasing mobility and building confidence inyour body again.     



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