Exercise Physiology

Exercise could be the single most important tool you can use to treat and manage multiple health conditions. An Exercise Physiologist is the professional who will prescribe the right exercise for you and your current state of health and fitness.

Injury Rehabilitation

The body needs exercise following injury and surgery. The benefits of exercise include regaining lost strength, increasing mobility and building confidence inyour body again.     



Postural Correction

Unfortunately, many people are living a lifestyle that is not conducive to good health or good posture. We work with children and adults to develop unique and personalised programs to correct and maintain good posture.    

Chronic Health Conditions 

Chronic health conditions include diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and many more. Performing appropriate exercises is an essential part of managing and treating many of these conditions.  


Workcover Rehabilitation 

Exercises is an essential component of rebuilding work capacity following injury.  We are approved to provide treatment to workers injured at work.