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What is Chronic Fatigue?

Many Australians’ experience fatigue, however 0.3% are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that lasts for at least six months and that can't be fully explained by an underlying medical condition. The fatigue worsens with strenuous physical or mental activity, but doesn't improve with rest. 

Chronic Fatigue

How is chronic fatigue treated? 

Those experiencing Chronic Fatigue can attest to the difficulty faced in treating their condition, and moving towards a state of energy and vitality. This is due to the common understanding that there is no well known cure or specific treatment for this condition. However, there are some symptoms that can be treated or managed through lifestyle modification to provide relief and boost vitality. This is where exercise makes an appearance.


An appropriate exercise routine will involve individualised, graded and carefully constructed planning, that when executed well, can help people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Important variables such as exercise type, frequency, duration, intensity, and recovery should be accounted for the individual plan. 


In order to limit relapse, gradual changes will be made. Healthy activities which use energy (exercise, socialising, meaningful work) will be balanced with activities which aid recovery (mindfulness, nourishing diet, good sleep patterns).


How can an Exercise Physiologist help? 

Ultimately exercise can help build tolerance and resiliency to daily activities, reduce fatigue symptoms over time, improve sleep hygiene, and give a sense of control over your condition. 


We understand the thought of exercising may be daunting, especially in a state of elevated fatigue. You may have more questions than answers. What exercises should I do? Where should I start? Thankfully there are professional exercise physiologists who focus on these challenges, and can point you in the right direction, who value building your capabilities in a graded and durable manner. An exercise physiologist will assess your current movement capacities and guide you through the process of finding the most beneficial and enjoyable exercise to get you moving and feeling better.

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