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Exercise Physiology at Empower 

Our mission has always been about empowering people to achieve better health, function and vitality with movement and mindset. While it's not always possible to attend our clinic in person, it doesn't mean you can't make substantial progress in your health journey.  

The role of an Exercise Physiologist is to provide advice and guidance in regards to exercise habits and lifestyle behaviours. We also put together rehabilitation programs for injury and pain. These things can be achieved via teleconference with good results. 

More than ever, it's important to be able to find viable options and the support to perform regular exercise with the resources you have available at the time. This might include the home-based routines, or utilising the great outdoors. In the same way we do in clinic, we aim to support you in the planning and implementing of a personalised exercise and movement regime.  

Exercise Physiology via Telehealth Consultation  

Our experienced team of exercise physiologists are experts at prescribing individualised programs to suit a range of conditions


What can you expect FROM your first consultation with an Exercise Physiologist?

We strive to provide an experience that allows you to walk away from your initial meeting feeling inspired and empowered to engage in your exercise plan.


We will discuss your health history and current health concerns


We perform a thorough assessment to determine what is most important to focus on


We will develop an individualised plan, including frequency of consultation and timeframes


We commence the delivery of your program with instruction and resources to take away from your first session

self-directed Programs Via Teleconsultation 

Following assessment, planning and instruction, you will become far more able to carry out an exercise plan unsupervised. We work with you to construct a program that is progressive by nature and can be performed in the environment of your choosing (home-based, outdoors or gym-based).

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