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Empower Exercise Physiology and Health is an exercise physiology clinic focussed on providing therapeutic exercise for people managing injury and illness.  

Our mission is to help the community improve their health, function and vitality by utilising exercise, movement and mindset.  

The people who make up Empower love being a part of an organisation that is focussed on helping people at its core. We are ambitious, motivated and have the ability to inspire others around us.  


We do this by living these values: 

WE are Empowering


Empowerment, for us is about helping people fulfil their potential through action.  


WE are inspiring

To be inspired is to tap into one's own enthusiasm and creativity that lives within. Through our work, we endeavour to bring out these necessary ingredients for change.


WE are Personalised

We focus on the person more than the condition. We consider the whole story and work on achieving the outcomes that are most meaningful to you.


why choose US?

We are experienced

We take the time to understand what's meaningful to you

We are passionate about helping people improve physically and mentally 

WHO WE help

As Exercise Physiologists' we are able to help a variety of people with different circumstances along the spectrum of health. We are a good fit for people who might satisfy one of the following. We help people who:


  • are managing an injury or other barrier to exercise. 

  • would appreciate guidance and support as one adopts an exercise plan.

  • are experiencing limited function or an inability to exercise because of pain, injury, a chronic health condition or disability. 

  • are motivated to improve their health, function and vitality. 

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