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Exercise for chronic health conditions

Exercise for better health

Exercise is powerful medicine! There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the use of regular exercise as a means of managing and treating many chronic health conditions. Common examples include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and many more. Regular exercise is not just for those who are fit. Those who are in ill health or at risk stand to gain the most benefits.            


Chronic disease can have a significant burden on the individual, their quality of life and their family. Incorporating exercise into a management plan is all about empowering an individual to take control of the lifestyle factors that are going to have the greatest impact on health outcomes and function.

An exercise physiologist can help with... 

An Exercise Physiologist can assist with the following conditions. We will assist in prescribing the most effective form of exercise for your condition. For more information on induvidual conditions and how exercise can be of benefit, click any of the following links.

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Mental Health 
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GP Resources - Osteoarthritis.png
Chronic Fatigue
GP Resources - Chronic Fatigue.png
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Chronic Pain
GP Resources - Chronic PainFibromyalgia.png
Pre & Post Op
GP Resources - PrePost Op.png
Lower Back Injury
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