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Group Diabetes Program

About our group diabetes program

Exercise is Medicine! Empower Exercise Physiology and Health has developed an effective group exercise program specific for people who have type 2 diabetes or those who are pre-diabetic. The focus of this group program is all about improving your metabolic health. That means better blood glucose management, weight loss and improved cardiovascular health.  

We are seeing outstanding improvements from participants who come to our classes. This makes induviduals and their doctors very happy.    

Further information 
  • Eligible people can be referred by their GP for group allied health services. Participants will first undergo an assessment (item 81110) to determine suitability for the program. Coming along to the classes under a GP referral will allow for 8 group services (item 81115) per calender year.

  • Class numbers are small and intimate to make sure you are well looked after and your needs are accommodated. 

  • Classes can cater to all fitness levels. No prior exercise experience is nessesary.  

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