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Exercise and Cancer

1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be directly affected by cancer before the age of 75. A cancer diagnosis can be an incredibly challenging and uncertain circumstance for all people involved.


Exercise has been extensively researched in people diagnosed with cancer. It is known that there are significant physical, functional and psychological benefits to be found in individually prescribed exercise. At Empower we focus on helping those diagnosed with cancer to build resilience and confidence to manage cancer related side effects and ensure the best chance of a healthy remission period.    


How is cancer treated? 

There are various approaches to treating cancer (Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Hormone Therapy, Radiation Therapy), many of which involve combinations of therapies to provide the most effective treatment. 


We all know exercise is good for our health, but did you know it could increase cancer survivorship, and reduce cancer risk and the negative side effects of typical treatments. 

Other ways exercise can help is by:

  • Reducing fatigue

  • Increase bone density, muscle mass and power

  • Improving immune function 

  • Reducing anxiety and depression

  • Providing a sense of control over your health and outcome


On a whole exercise can provide the means to help you maintain and build your quality of life when battling cancer; whether reducing risk prior, boosting vitality during treatment, or aiding a healthy and durable remission.


How can an Exercise Physiologist help? 

We understand the thought of exercising may be daunting, especially in a state of uncertainty with a cancer prognosis. You may have more questions than answers. What exercises should I do? Where should I start? Thankfully there are professional exercise physiologists who focus on these challenges, and can point you in the right direction, who value building your capabilities in a graded and durable manner. An exercise physiologist will assess your current movement capacities and guide you through the process of finding the most beneficial and enjoyable exercise to get you moving and feeling better.

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