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Unwind those years of knee pain And trauma

Knee pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Preventing anyone suffering a knee injury from participating in some of life's most fulfilling activities. Carefully designed movement progressions, performed with correct loads and technique, will have you up and about in better condition than before.

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rehab injuries


Whether your injury or condition requires surgery, Exercise Physiology can play a major role in speeding up your recovery journey. Rebuilding strength, stability and function.


Fix your pain & stiffness

In many instances, your injury or condition can be remedied with appropriate movement and exercise. Removing the need for surgery or other invasive medical procedures.


Expert Coaching & guidance

Correct exercise prescription and measured progression will ultimately determine the quality of your results. Make sure to entrust this to the best certified experts.

Why empower?

At Empower, we aim to change lives. Helping you to achieve better health, function and vitality through effective movement and exercise. Begin to live pain-free and unlock an optimised version of yourself.
Our service offering includes Injury Rehabilitation, Workplace Injury, Chronic Pain, Back + Neck Pain, NDIS, Pre + Post Operative, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis + Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease and Mental Health.
Our practitioners are highly skilled, trained and compassionate, meaning you are putting your health in the best of hands. We pride ourselves on our results and our customer service, earning us a 5 star rating from our current and previous clients. 
Why Empower
Empower has really helped me to rehabilitate from an ACL injury. I've been a client for 12 months and have nothing but positives to say. Each visit I am assessed and accordingly given a progressed strengthening program. I am now feeling really strong in my core and feel much more balanced.
- Cameron

People Loving What We Do


meet the team


Matthew Donovan

Matthew is the driving force behind Empower Exercise Physiology. Founding the clinic in 2014 with the vision of helping people experience the therapeutic effect of exercise. With over 10 years of experience as an accredited Exercise Physiologist, he has established a reputation on the Northern Beaches for providing exceptional care in a professional and personable manner.

His professional interest lies in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain management. He has considerable experience managing complex presentations and people across the age spectrum.

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Luke Stait

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Luke has a passion for movement because of the physical and psychological benefits it provides. Bringing a high level of care to each client he sees, Luke aims to impart upon them the tools and knowledge needed to continually improve their own health and wellbeing.


Luke has considerable experience in the area of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Cardio-metabolic conditions, disability and sporting populations. His capabilities in managing a broad range of people have allowed him to be effective across the spectrum of rehabilitation to performance.

Knee Issues we treat

acl injury

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) helps to stabilise your knee and prevent excessive rotation or forward movement of your tibia. An injury to the ACL can either be a full or partial tear. Commonly talked about in a sporting context, it can be a very lengthy rehabilitation to return to full performance surgery. But depending on your goals, rehabilitation following surgery may be shorter or you may not require surgery at all.
Regardless of whether you take a surgical route or not, there will be significant rehabilitation work required to restore function and prevent further injury. The process can be a lengthy one as the muscles surrounding the knee and the hip need to be strengthened gradually to ensure they can move safely again. An Exercise Physiologist will assist with designing the right treatment plan to allow you to return to your desired level of activity.
Speak to an expert about your ACL Injury.

knee meniscus tear

Meniscus is the rubbery fibrocartilage sitting between your femur and tibia. It provides cushioning in the knee and allows the two bones to glide smoothly against each other. There are many different types of meniscus tears, of different severity, which may occur from forceful twisting or rotation at the knee. Typical symptoms include pain, swelling, painful clicking or difficulty moving through end of ranges of motion.
Treatment involves training good mechanics at the knee, to help in offloading the joint and allowing for correct pain-free movement. An Exercise Physiologist can diagnose which muscles or structures are weakened and prescribe appropriate movement and loading. If a meniscus tear is too severe, it can require surgery.
Speak to an expert about your Knee Meniscus Tear.

knee osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee can be an awful condition to deal with. Over time the cartilage surfaces of the knee can slowly show signs of degenerative ageing. If this process is severe enough, pain and inflammation can result due to the shock absorbing properties of the cartilage being compromised. Potentially leading to increased friction, stiffness, swelling and pain in the knee.


Exercise has been cited as the most important intervention for people managing arthritis. It's been shown to reduce pain and improve knee functionality, aid in weight loss and is anti-inflammatory by nature. However, an exercise program should always be individualised and include a combination of mobility and strengthening exercises as well as cardiovascular exercise for the best results. 
Speak to an expert about your Knee Osteoarthritis.

patella tendonitis

Patella tendonitis is an overuse injury to the tendon that attaches your kneecap to your shin. This occurs by causing small tears in the tendon, which are not given the chance to heal over time and begins to worsen. This can cause inflammation around the area and pain with physical exertion or movement. Pain can be rather localised to the tendon itself or to the point in which the tendon attaches into the shin.
Treatment involves resting the knee, first and foremost. Allowing any residual inflammation to subside. Load is then slowly reintroduced over time to ensure both the muscles and tendon are given the chance to strengthen without any flare ups. As tendons do not receive much blood flow, treating patella tendonitis can unfortunately be a lengthy process. So, crafting a meticulous treatment plan is essential for a full recovery.
Speak to an expert about your Patella Tendonitis.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is a knee condition that causes pain on the outside or behind the kneecap. It typically occurs when the kneecap does not glide correctly against the femur (thigh bone), causing irritation and inflammation. This is often due to muscular imbalances and inefficient movement, which ultimately causes incorrect loading and subsequent knee pain.
The condition is treated by re-training the body to move correctly, utilising the appropriate stabilising muscles in the hips and knees. This may involve using the inner quadriceps muscle properly, while also addressing any hip instability issues that may be present. This helps the kneecap move more effectively in its groove, offloading the irritated part of the joint and allowing inflammation and pain to subside.
Speak to an expert about your Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome.
Knee Issues

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Empower changes lives. Helping people achieve better health, function and vitality through effective movement and exercise. Begin to live pain-free and unlock an optimised version of yourself.

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