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How to find time when there isn't any

As we lead such busy lifestyles and have only 24 hours in a day, we find ourselves having to prioritise. Often times we will prioritise work commitments, family and relationships which are all great. Unfortunately, things like exercise, sleep and our nutrition can be put to the side due to a “lack of time”.

Finding time involves these 3 things:

1. Forming a routine Forming a routine involves accounting for the time that you will dedicate to each thing in your life. You need to have a clear vision of the when, where and how this will look for you. Execute your plan week in and week out and soon you will have yourself a routine. If you fail this, go back to setting a more realistic, when, where and how. 2. Get more efficient You have heard the saying; If you want something done, give the task to a busy person. Why? Because they are efficient. Being efficient with your time means doing more with less or doing your current tasks quicker. Think about time-saving strategies you can use today. Some ideas can be preparing bigger batches of meals to eat later, performing your "life admin" in your lunch breaks rather than being on social media and useing exercise as a way to be social with friends or family.

3. Learn to say no Say no to things that are not your priority. You will achieve more of what you actully want that way. Simple!

The following TED talk if very motivational if you feel like you need to take back the reins on your time! Enjoy.

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