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How can an Exercise Physiologist help you improve your posture?

A lot of people first experience postural correction by the sound advice from Mum or Dad; "stand up straight". Unfortunately, Mum or Dad were improperly trained in the art and science of postural correction, but at least their heart was in the right place.

Times have changed significantly since you were a kid and we now have a far greater understanding of human movement, postural assessment and the complexities of how multiple systems interact to produce coordinated and functional movement.

To answer the question above; lets look at two recent clients who have undergone a postural improvement program implemented by an exercises physiologist.

Client 1 - Male, late 50's, regular swimmer.

This client presented with shoulder pain and mid back pain exacerbated by regular swimming. These pictures display the before and after shots to demonstrate a significant change over time. The primary focus in this gentleman's case was to better position his ribs to give his shoulder blades a better base to work off. You can see how much better the man's shoulder blades sit in the second picture compared to the first.

Client 2 - Male, mid 20's.

This client presented with over a 12 months of chronic Lower back pain. He had spent time with multiple chiropractors and physiotherapists before starting his postural improvement program. In his program, we focussed on pelvic and diaphragm repositioning to reduce his hyperlordosis (too much lower back curve). This required careful assessment and instruction of specifically selected exercises that suiting this man's needs and his clinical presentation.

In both cases, we have used assessment and exercise techniques inspired by the postural restoration institute. The Exercise Physiologists at Empower Exercise Physiology are trained in this methodology and regularly see exceptional improvements in clients posture, movement and everyday functionality.

For more information on postural restoration:

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