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Do you floss?

No, Empower Exercise Physiology and Health have not hired a dentist, nor are we talking about the practice performed on the teeth before bed. We are talking about joint flossing. If you have no idea what we are talking about then read up, you don’t know what you are missing.

What is flossing?

Joint flossing is the practice of wrapping a piece of elastic around and around a joint to provide a large amount of compression. Once compression has been applied the joint and the structures around it are moved through their normal range of motion. The muscles and the fascia that cross the joint are mobilized leaving the joint feeling a greater freedom to movement.

Why floss?

1. Joint flossing has the ability to centrate a joint.

When joints move there should be an element of “roll, slide and glide” for fluid unrestricted movement to occur. Muscle imbalances and facial restrictions can disrupt the normal biomechanics causing a redistribution of forces in the joint. Increased loading can lead to faster degeneration and pain.

2. Myofacial Release

Long chains of fascia run the coarse of the body. There are common areas where increased facial tension can build up and affect movement quality and proprioception.

3. Blood flow response.

Compression of the tissue will restrict blood flow temporarily, causing the build up of metabolic byproducts. During exercise, the same process occurs which stimulates the dilation of blood vessels. More blood flow allows for clearing of waste products and the delivery of nutrients to the area. The result: faster healing.

Watch this video for a few simple and effective flossing exercises to try for yourself.

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