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First Things First

As the title suggests, this is the first blog post for Empower Exercise Physiology and Health. I wanted to start this blog to be a source of practical information that you can use in working towards greater levels of health and functionality.

But before that, it's important to know exactly what Empower does. Exercise Physiology is a relatively new profession who's services can be utilised by a variety of people with very different needs. As an example an Exercise Physiologist can assist one regain competency and coordination of basic movement following brain surgery, improve markers of metabolic health as a means of primary prevention of chronic disease and assist a new mother perform normal activities without debilitating back pain. These are all cases that are a part of the normal day to day work of an Exercise Physiologist. In fact, these are examples of some of my work in recent times.

In as few words as possible; Empower Exercise Physiology and Health bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance, by prescribing functional based exercise.

This may sound like something reserved for athletes but actually we all "perform" everyday. Physical tasks, recreational activities and structured exercise are all performed through movement. If someone is limited by pain or injury, appropriately prescribed exercise can improve one's physical capacity to "perform", whatever that may be for them.

Regular exercise is one of, if not the most important health promoting lifestyle factor. So if you are limited by pain and injury or you wish to manage a specific medical condition, appropriate exercise is essential, and this is what Empower does.

My vision is that this blog is a source of information, motivation and inspiration to assist people reach their health and performance goals. I want to offer practical advice and promote discussion of everything to do with functional health, fitness and performance.

Stay tuned for more!

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