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What is Meniscus Tear?

Your meniscus is the rubbery fibrocartilage which sits between your femur and tibia, which provides cushioning in the knee and allows these two bones to move well against each other. There are many different types of meniscus tears, of different severity, which may occur from forceful twisting or rotation at the knee. Symptoms for a meniscus tear can be pain, swelling, painful clicking or difficulty moving through end of ranges of motion.

Meniscus Tear

How is a Meniscus Tear commonly treated? 

A meniscus tear can be treated by training good mechanics at the knee, to help in offloading the joint and allowing for correct pain-free movement. As the meniscus works by cushioning the knee during movement, ensuring that the muscles surrounding the knee are strong will help in offloading the injured portion of the joint. This results in moving with better mechanics and ultimately helps by avoiding aggravating positions and movements. If a meniscus tear is too severe, it can require surgery.


How can an Exercise Physiologist help? 

An Exercise Physiologist has extensive knowledge of the body's mechanics and movement. We can guide you through a personalised rehabilitation program to correctly go about strengthening the muscles around the knee joint to help in recovering from this injury. We can guide you on how to manage a meniscus tear while transitioning back into the activities it is holding you back from.

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