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Strong Bones Program

About the Strong Bones Program 

Empower Exercise Physiology and health run a unique group program specific for Osteoporosis treatment and prevention. Participants of these group classes are guided through a structured exercise program which is supported by scientific evidence.  Our exercise classes include weight bearing exercises, strength training, mobility, back and core strength, balance and impact loading with the focus of building bone density and durability, movement capacity, and falls prevention. 

Benefits of Osteoporosis Classes
  • Supervision and programming from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.   

  • Vicarious experience, exercise with others who share your goals.

  • Complete exercises scientifically proven to improve bone mineral density, strength and function.  

  • Cost effective.

How does is work?

To get involved in these classes, we require attendees to perform an initial assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists. This gives us the opportunity to meet you properly, assess your current level of ability and construct an appropriate exercise program tailored to your goals.

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