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Small Group Classes 

About our small group classes

Empower Exercise Physiology and health run a unique group exercise program. Participants of these group classes have an individualised exercise program written for them and instructed by an Exercise Physiologist. In this way, each person can work on their own needs while being in the company of others and are supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. These group exercise classes can include strength training, mobility, core strength, and cardiovascular exercise. It all depends on you and your goals.  

Benefits of group classes
  • Supervision and programming from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.   

  • Small group numbers to ensure individual attention (max 4 people).

  • Individual exercise program written specifically for you.  

  • Cost effective 

  • Private health rebate is available for these classes. (item 502 - Group Exercise Physiology Session 60 mins) 

How can I get started? 

To get involved in these classes, we require attendees to perform an initial assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists. This gives us the opportunity to meet you properly, assess your current level of ability and construct an appropriate exercise program tailored to your goals.  

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