Workcover Rehabilitation:

Reconditioning programs for injured workers.

Rehabilitation for injured workers

Our focus is on meaningful outcomes to ensure a worker has the very best chance of returning to work in a timely and sustainable manner. Exercise Physiology treatment goes beyond managing the pain one might experience with workplace injury. Our intervention is based on improving function and physical capacity. Empower Exercise Physiology and Health is approved to provide rehabilitation under Workcover NSW.

How can an Exercise Physiologist assist recovery? 

1. Identify barriers to recovery
An Exercise Physiologist will recognize and account for the factors that may limit the path to full recovery and sustainable return to work. Our intervention is geared toward identifying and removing the barriers that will slow progress down or prevent recovery completely.

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2. Working to improve physical capacity
Progressive exercise and “pacing” is used to increase one's physical capacity and confidence in performing work-related duties. Managing pain is important; however, those workers who engage in an appropriate exercise program are more resilient, return to work faster and are less prone to relapse.

3. Patient-centred Education
In many cases, physical injury is a single element among a number of factors that determine a good outcome. We employ an educational component to rehabilitation to better understand pain in the context of everything else. This is described as a biopsychosocial approach and is proven to be the most effective form of rehabilitation.     

4. Communication and collaboration 
As treatment providers, we actively communicate with all parties to make sure the intervention is in line with the goals outlined in the injury management plan.  

If you have been injured at work, here is what you need to do

If you are an employee and have been injured at work you must notify your manager as soon as possible to lodge a Workcover claim. Once a worker has obtained an active Workcover Claim they will be entitled to compensation for time off work and the cost of rehabilitation. Patients who have an active WorkCover claim should speak with their rehabilitation coordinator or nominated treating doctor to arrange a referral for Exercise Physiology treatment.


If you are an injured worker, follow these steps to ensure your claim is progressed in a timely fashion: 
1. Notify your employer of the incident or injury as soon as possible. 
2. See a doctor to complete a WorkCover certificate of capacity.
3. Provide the certificate of capacity with a workers declaration to your employer or their insurer along with any receipts for treatment
4. Participate fully in the Injury Management Plan.  
5. Comply with requests for information made by the insurer within seven days. Payments may be discontinued if you do not provide this information. 
6. Make all reasonable efforts to return to work as soon as possible.

Should you have any more questions, please fill in the inquiry form below or request a referral.

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