Postural Correction: 

Maintaining efficient posture over the lifespan could be the fountain of youth. Let us show you how to go back in time.  

Exercise your way to better posture

Posture is often a reflection of our lifestyle. Our bodies have an incredible way of adapting to the environment. Our postural issues are most often due to the environment we live in, the tasks we perform daily, our level of stress and mental health. We are not well suited to perform so much screen time and be as sedentary as we are. Unfortunately, this is at the detriment of our posture. What can result is a range of issues including musculoskeletal pain, headaches, neural symptoms, digestive problems and breathing dysfunction. An appropriate exercise program is essential to address and reverse common postural issues.       

Why see and Exercise Physiologist to improve your posture?

The truth is that correcting posture varies considerably between individuals. What works for one person does not necessarily work for the next, even if the presentation is the same. It takes careful assessment and instruction of specific exercises to achieve a result. Our exercise physiologists are trained and skilled at addressing a number of postural issues. We use assessments and non-manual techniques developed by the postural restoration institute which has proven very effective at correcting posture.       

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Some of the conditions we can help with... 
Sway Back (hyperlordosis)
Winging Shoulder Blades
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We accept EPC and TCA plans from General Practitioners as well as rebates for most private health insurance schemes. 

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