Injury Rehabilitation: 

Exercise programs designed to get you back your strength, mobility and confidence    

Come Back Stronger

Getting moving the right way after injury is the most important thing to achieve a good outcome. Empower specialise in providing rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and post operative procedures. 


Nobody likes getting injured. Unfortunately, one injury is often the start of a cascade of never ending issues that never resolve. It is essential that all injuries are managed in the correct way to ensure recovery is complete and sustainable in the long term.


An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can assist you make your comeback by assessing your current physical capacity and prescribing the most appropriate exercise program considering your injury and the demands of your chosen activity.      

We make it specific to you

We have found that an individualised approach to managing injury always leads to better outcomes. It's important to find a plan that works for you, your injury concerns and how you will be using your body. The value of working with an experienced Exercise Physiologist is to find and execute a plan that is totally tailored to you.       

What if I have multiple injuries?

We can assist those trying to manage a single "niggle" as well as those who might need a more comprehensive and holistic approach to overcoming pain and injury.

Want more specific information relating to your injuries? Find out more about the common conditions we treat. 

We accept EPC and TCA plans from General Practitioners as well as rebates for most private health insurance schemes. 

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