Online Consultations: 

Due to the restrictions around social distancing, we are conducting our consultations online.  

The role of an Exercise Physiologist is to provide advice and guidance in regards to exercise habits and lifestyle behaviours. We also put together rehabilitation programs for injury and pain. These things can be achieved via teleconference with good results. 


As our lifestyle has changed so dramatically, it's important to be able to find exercise options to perform within the confines of home and with the resources you have available at this time.   

How can an Exercise Physiologist help you?

Exercise is Medicine! Exercise can be used as an intervention to improve multiple health conditions. It can be used for managing chronic fatigue, recovering from cancer, living without pain, improving diabetes management or rehabilitation from injury. All these conditions are unique, and so too is the exercise prescription that would be best suited to each case. An Exercise Physiologist is the health professional who can assist in developing an exercise plan and facilitating the behaviour change strategies that are specific to you and your goals.       

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What conditions can an Exercise Physiologist treat?

An Exercise Physiologist is skilled at prescribing effective exercise plans for a wide variety of conditions. This includes a range of musculoskeletal and complex conditions. Below are some of the common conditions an exercise physiologist can assist with.     

We accept EPC and TCA plans from General Practitioners as well as rebates for most private health insurance schemes. 

How does it work?

Everyone will start with an initial assessment.  During this session, your Exercise Physiologist will cover your health history, current health status, what outcomes you wish to achieve as well as a physical assessment where we determine your current movement capacity. Depending on you, your circumstances and what you are wanting to achieve, you can progress with one of three options.


1. One-on-one sessions.

Personalized exercise sessions conducted with an Exercise Physiologist.



2. Group Classes.

Exercise sessions performed in a group environment, following a personalized program. Classes are limited to 4 people only to ensure appropriate attention and guidance can be delivered for all participants. Click here for more information.    



3. Self-directed home based or gym-based program.

A program will be set and performed in a way that suits you and the resources you have available.  


For more information, you can read the FAQ's or send an inquiry below.     



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