Conditions we see 

Lower Back Conditions  

Living with back pain is no fun at all.


We can provide the right advice, design a plan and coach you through the program that has been designed specific to you. Don't delay, make your back feel good again.    

Shoulder Pain

We regularly help people with shoulder pain and injury.


Get an exercise program to help you improve the mobility and strength you need to recover from your shoulder condition.   

Knee Injuries 

Knee pain and injury can slow you down and is a common complaint we help people with at the clinic. 


Frequently people neglect exercising and strengthening their knees due to pain or fear of making the condition worse. This is where we can help.  

Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by too much sitting, poor posture, tight muscles or repetitive exercise. Performing an exercise program to address strength imbalances and mobility limitations is essential to recover from many diffrernt hip conditions. 

Young man in casual office shirt having

Chronic Health Conditions

Performing the right type of exercise could be the most powerful tool to help manage and treat many chronic health conditions from diabetes to cancer to osteoporosis.