May 16, 2016

No, Empower Exercise Physiology and Health have not hired a dentist, nor are we talking about the practice performed on the teeth before bed. We are talking about joint flossing. If you have no idea what we are talking about then read up, you don’t know what you are missing. 


What is flossing?


Joint flossing is the practice of wrapping a piece of elastic around and around a joint to provide a large amount of compression. Once compression has been applied the joint and the structures around it are moved through their normal range of motion. The muscles and the fascia that cross t...

March 22, 2016

Swimming and surfing are demanding on shoulder mobility, strength and control. When mobility limitations are present in key areas, compensated patterns of movement and over use injuries can occur. Avoid these problems by optimising your overhead shoulder mobility with this one little exercise. Enjoy that new freedom of movement and please share with your friends if you think it could help. 



March 8, 2016



Pain is a universal human experience. It has a very important biological function; that is to keep us from danger and further injury. In acute injury, say a sprained ankle, the swelling and heat serve to promote blood flow to the area to assist the healing process to occur. At this point in time, loading and exercising the joint or injured site might not be a very good idea, and our pain levels would confirm this.


Much of our aches and pains however seem to come about more insidiously, that meaning soreness and stiffness seem to just be there all the time, sometimes of no apparent...

July 22, 2015

As a health professional, our value is in giving correct advice to allow people to progress in a number of areas health, whether it be loosing weight or overcoming back pain. Today’s blog is about one common trait we all have that allows us to progress in nearly every aspect of our lives; and that thing is our standards.


Your standards are your threshold. Your threshold is like a reference point, a psychological line in the sand where you say to yourself and believe 100% that you will not allow yourself to drop below your standards.  


So I want to offer an exercise that might ju...

June 25, 2015

Do you remember playing in the playground as a child? Can you remember some of the things you used to do? Some of the things that come to mind are swings, money bars, climbing and the flying fox. I remember on occasions at family gatherings we took turns while our uncle took us by the wrists and proceeded to spin around in circles like a helicopter while the mothers sit in the corner fretting that one of us would pop a shoulder out, but it never happened. In fact all these things, in reality was fundamentally contributing to strong, healthy shoulder joints.


In some way or anothe...

May 12, 2015

This video presents some ideas around posture, movement patterns and shoulder control that is most relevent to surfers. If you are a surfer and have suffered shoulder pain either during or after a surf, check out this video to see if any of the concepts presented resenate with you. Any questions or feedback is much appreciated. Have fun out there!




May 11, 2015

The glutes are officially in fashion. Fitness obsessed instagram accounts have uploaded plump rear ends more than smoothies in glass jars by a ratio of 2:1. Gone are the days of building the biceps and triceps to show off in the nightclub; now it’s all about the derriere on a sunny sunday morning walk.   


From a musculoskeletal health standpoint, research has shown that the strength of the gluteal muscles can be involved in a number of common issues including patella femoral syndrome, sciatica, piriformus syndrome and lower back pain.


Functionally, the gluteal mus...

March 18, 2015

Walk into most gyms nowadays and you will find a myriad of foam rollers, bands and massage balls. In my opinion this is a positive thing as more and more people in the fitness industry are aware and invested in the importance of mobility and movement for musculoskeletal health and performance.  As an added benefit, I believe releasing key areas of the body will improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury in the gym and everyday life.

This post is all about making the best use of your time in the gym and incorporating release techniques into your warm up.  Releasing cer...

March 12, 2015

Anybody who has been around the health and fitness industry for any longer than about a week would have some awareness of the perils that sugar has on many aspects of human health, body composition and performance.


Firstly, I would like to commend Damon Gameau, for embarking on a personal journey that saw his health deteriorate markedly over the coarse of two months. Ultimately, his abysmal weight gain, blood markers of metabolic health and “mood swings” has shone the light on sugar as the primary culprit for a number of chronic health diseases.


There has been a flood of cookbooks an...

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